2018 Autumn Challenge: October 6th – November 17th

In the Autumn, paddlers build endurance while raising money to help them attend camps and summer races far from home. Each paddler has set a mileage goal for the challenge period. Your pledge will help them realize their physical and financial objectives. Thank you for your support. You will be billed later when our paddlers complete the Autumn Challenge.

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Paddler Goals

Leah Ahmed: 80 miles
Zachary Alva: 200 miles
Petri Alva: 240 miles
Dylan Anacleto-Black: 238 miles
Ariel Bryant: 72 miles
Jasper Caddell: 250 miles
Marcos Escalera: 75 miles

Lily Hourigan: 80 miles
Jacob Johnson: 75 miles
Kai Leon: 95 miles
Hana Mali: 75 miles
Philip Majumdar: 241 miles
Kasen Taylor: 215 miles

The Autumn Challenge has now ended! Thank you for your support.